This past year saw many home sales in Bucks County, PA. With some of the new construction and others being renovated, a few home styles were popular among new buyers throughout 2022. If you’re considering listing your home or you’re in the market for a new property, the aesthetic appeal of the space will have some impact on your decision. Below are the leading trends we noticed throughout New Hope, PA properties.

Modern Farmhouse

One of the most popular home styles of 2022 was the modern farmhouse. This style is warm and inviting. It embraces antique pieces that are casual and rustic, but the wood is much lighter or even painted white. It is a brighter version of the older style that was once a classic but had a darker wood tone. Homes in suburban areas and large family communities usually embrace the modern farmhouse style because it is open and can be diversified for any floor plan.

Eclectic and Bold

One of the growing trends in the last few years is the eclectic and bold style, which really took a leap in 2022. This design embraces different features from different design themes, molding them into one. Many homes blend patterned color furniture with solid colors as a way to enhance a bold contrast in the room. These home styles are found in contemporary areas where younger buyers are in the market. In addition to altering the furniture, the room decor throughout the home is a blend of classic and modern pieces, with some being a mix of large and small pieces to bring together the home in a central location.


When you mix together emerging earth tones, and textures and utilize reclaimed wood throughout the home’s remodel, the design often ends in the Scandifornian style that is a growing sensation in Pennsylvania and other locations. Often found in the more upscale communities, this design is a blend of Scandinavian and California homes, with the goal to make the atmosphere a place where residents can relax and embrace the atmosphere. Keeping the atmosphere clean with just a single focal point like a graphic accented rug or an oversized piece of decor appeals to minimalist-oriented buyers who want to maximize their space, especially in cozier homes.


Being one of the leading designs over the last decade, it is still one of the more popular home designs of 2022. Many buyers are drawn to the sleek lines, the minimal features of the space, and the growing openness that comes with the design. Many of these homes embraced the darker colors, stainless steel, and other modern features found throughout the home to give that more contemporary and updated style that they were seeking.

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