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There are some beautiful homes for sale in Lehigh County and some top realtors like Paul Gunter to help you find them.

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About Paul
I have been selling Real Estate since I was first licensed in 1980. Real Estate is my FULL TIME job. I strive to make a difference, providing personalized attention to detail on every transaction.


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Top Realtor in Lehigh County, PA

Welcome to Paul Gunter Realtor. If you’re looking for houses for sale in Lehigh County, you’ve come to the right place. We’re consistently rated among the top realtors in the area, thanks to our personalized service and attention to detail. We don’t believe in taking the cookie-cutter approach like some realtors. Instead, we listen to your needs in detail, helping you find the perfect homes for sale in Lehigh county that suit you. Finding a quality home for sale in Lehigh County that matches your lifestyle needs can be a challenge. Some families, for instance, need homes for sale in the Palisades school district, PA, to get access to the best education for their kids. Others want to be a little further afield, getting the best of the local area, but without having to pay a premium for the privilege.

houses for sale in lehigh county

It’s not just about location, either. At Paul Gunter Realtor, we help you find the perfect home for you, based on your budget and lifestyle needs. 

The houses for sale in our portfolio come with a tremendous variety of features, including:

  • Top-quality swimming pools
  • Walk-in pantries
  • Game rooms
  • Basements
  • Extensive gardens
  • Landscaped driveways
  • Double garages 
  • Ensuite bathrooms

By choosing us as your realtors, you get access to all the best homes for sale in Lehigh County, allowing you to pick and choose the top one for you.

Not all homes for sale are the same. While some appear to offer everything you want, that’s not always guaranteed. You can sometimes find yourself saddled with a home that doesn’t meet the standards that you expect. That’s why it is crucial to work with a top realtor like us. We help you find properties that not only look the part but will serve you well for many years to come too. All of our houses for sale must meet minimum quality requirements, ensuring that you end up with the best deal possible. Not all real estate agents do this.

A Realtor You Can Trust

Paul Gunter real estate agents have been operating as realtors in Quakertown and Lehigh County for more than three decades. We didn’t become highly regarded realtors in the local area by chance. We did it by showing our clients houses for sale that met their needs. Unlike most real estate agents, we don’t just serve the seller. Our goal is to find genuinely beneficial homes for sale that benefit the buyer too. We find the best possible match for both you and your family so that you don’t wind up with a property that doesn’t serve your needs.

While we offer many houses for sale, we never tell you what to buy. Instead, we provide our expert guidance and insight as real estate agents, every step of the way. We provide you with all the pros and cons of a particular home for sale and show you which might be the best option for your family. We’re not in the business of selling as many homes as we can. We focus on creating mutually beneficial matches between houses for sale and the people buying them. That’s how we’ve always done our business, and how we will continue to operate as real estate agents in the future.

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Finding a home you love in Lehigh County shouldn’t be a challenge. You should be able to find the perfect property for you without all of the usual hassles. With us by your side showing you all the houses for sale in the local area, you can make an informed decision that will benefit you for many years to come. As qualified real estate agents, we provide you with all the information you need to make the decision of whether a particular property is worth the investment or not. 

Remember, choosing a new home for sale is a significant decision – something that could be with you for decades to come. Don’t go in blind. Instead, get professionals like us by your side who can offer high-quality support throughout the entire process. Paul Gunter has won numerous prestigious RE/MAX awards and recommendations and has a closing time on homes for sale of just 60 to 90 days. 

Is it time you got professional assistance choosing among houses for sale in Bucks County and the Lehigh area? If so, then get in touch with us today and make the right decision.

Real Estate Help in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Realtors and Amazing Houses for Sale for You

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Do you want to find incredible houses for sale anywhere in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania? If your answer is yes, then we’re waiting for you here at our real estate agency. We’re a Re/Max powerhouse among folks who are searching high and low for five-star properties in the area. Our real estate agents are all qualified, knowledgeable and hard-working individuals. Our real estate agents can present you with the best listing around. If you want to discover all of the best homes in Lehigh County, get in touch with us. We’re the top real estate agency around, and with strong reasoning. We can wow you with homes for sale that are precisely what you need and want. Do you want to learn about homes for sale that are near highly regarded educational institutions for little ones? Do you want to find out everything possible about houses for sale that have enormous backyards and plentiful trees? We have the top agents available to show you exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Working with Real Estate Agents Is Smart

Recruiting the assistance of the best agents in the county is always wise. If you want to unveil homes for sale that aren’t exactly easy to find, our agents can help you do so. Our agency is associated with rare real estate gems of all kinds. People who want to find out about all of the latest and greatest property listings cannot go wrong with our team. Our top-tier agents can answer all sorts of pertinent questions that relate to the local real estate scene. If you have any concerns at all that involve neighborhood selection, schools, shopping options, parks or anything else along those lines, our credentialed team members can be your lifesavers.

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Our realtors are consummate professionals who grasp nearby properties and their ins and outs. Call our noted agency at any time to get guidance from realtors.

Find Your Dream Home In Lehigh County

The Top Realtor in Lehigh County

Looking for houses for sale in Lehigh County isn’t always easy. They move fast and it can be challenging to know what neighborhood you want your dream home to be in. As a local expert, I  can help you find the right home. As a local real estate agent, I have been operating in Lehigh County for years. I know just where to look to find the best deals for houses for sale and ensure you find the right house for you.

Why You Should Use a Local Real Estate Agent

When looking for realtors to find you houses for sale, you need to consider local. I am one of the top agents in the area because I have lived and operated here for years. That experience is an advantage to finding the best homes for you and your family. Understanding each neighborhood closely means I can help you find your dream home with ease. Whether you want to be close to a school or to work, I know just how to help you.

The top homes also tend to go quickly. As your agent, I will keep an eye on the market and ensure you’re updated with every change that occurs. This enables you to act quickly. Don’t let other realtors snooze on the job and make you miss out on your dream home.

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If you want to work with one of the top realtors in the area, then give me a call. I will find you the best home for you.