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About Paul
I have been selling Real Estate since I was first licensed in 1980. Real Estate is my FULL TIME job. I strive to make a difference, providing personalized attention to detail on every transaction.


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Buy a Great Home in a New Development in Bucks County

Across Bucks County, PA, stunning new developments paired with the best in modern convenience promise the quality of life you won’t find in other US cities. Featuring a healthy business sector, well-funded school systems, and a rich cultural scene, Bucks County, PA truly features something for everyone. With plenty of entertainment, dining, and healthy outdoor activities to enjoy, many of the new developments in this area offer balanced living, long-term growth potential, and include a variety of affordable options for nearly every budget imaginable. 

Whether you’re searching for a safer neighborhood, an A-rated school district, or plan on pursuing a successful career in local business, the immense variety of new houses in Bucks County, PA cater to homebuyers in all walks of life. Many of the new construction opportunities feature private and spacious lots, beautifully designed architecture, and are centrally located for convenient access to all of life’s essentials.

I Can Help You Find the Best New Construction Homes in Bucks County, PA

Before paying more than you were expecting to, or before settling for a home that doesn’t truly meet your needs, I would love to work with you on a personal basis to simplify your life, save you time and money, and prepare you to make a wise home buying decision. As a realtor with over 40 years of on-the-ground experience in Bucks County, PA, I have dedicated my life to providing my clients with a depth of service that results in budgets respected and dreams achieved. 

When you partner with me to streamline the search, touring, and negotiation process in Bucks County, PA, you can count on a comprehensive level of support and motivation to see you succeed. I won’t just show you new homes that are within your budget or preferred area; I will find you top homes that enhance your quality of life, closely align with your specific desires, and use every tool at my disposal to negotiate a better deal on your behalf.

new construction bucks county paWhy Hire Me As Your Realtor?

  • Expert local knowledge
  • Passionate service
  • Always on your side
  • Experience in legal paperwork for new houses

Equally as important as finding the right new home, the quality of the new developments and nearby amenities make all the difference in selecting a home that’s right for you. With my local Bucks County, PA expertise, you will gain valuable insight into the various pros and cons of each new development we tour. The goal is to pair you with new properties that have all of the features you’re searching for and are within neighborhoods that boast safety, accessibility, and are located near parks, shopping, and other considerations that are a priority for you.

Long-Term Benefits of Investing in New Construction in Bucks County, PA

While a great deal below average market value may seem enticing, dated properties often involve costly repair work, extensive renovations, or other hidden expenses that may not become apparent until after signing on the dotted line. Before committing to a fixer-upper or settling for a home simply because of budget constraints, there are several reasons to consider new construction in Newtown, PA or Bucks County, PA instead. With the top new houses in new developments, you can expect: 

With energy-efficient appliances, water heaters, and optimized features like weather-proof windows and doors, many new construction properties are professionally designed to reduce ongoing expenses.

With new properties in new developments, your odds of dealing with crippling repair expenses and hidden costs are significantly reduced.

New construction builds are more desirable to the average home buyer. Whether you have plans on relocating in the future or want to utilize your new house for additional rental income, the flexibility that comes with new construction is something worth considering.

In many new developments, you will gain valuable insight into the true value of your property by simply comparing your home with nearby houses that share similar features. Unlike older homes in mixed neighborhoods where home values are harder to pin-point, a new house in a new development results in transparent confidence in the final pricing.

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Schedule a Free Consultation in Bucks County, PA Today

However far along you are in the search for your new home, I’m glad to assist at any point in the process. Your needs will always be the top focus, and with patience, friendly service, and solution-oriented guidance, I do whatever it takes to support your goals and stack the odds of home buying success in your favor. 

Searching for new properties in other locations? My regularly updated portfolio features new construction homes in Warrington and several nearby locations. While comparing new houses for sale, we can browse beautiful homes with ample garden spaces, beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, and every other modern feature you’re hoping to find. All I need from you are a few essential criteria, and you’ll have immediate access to all of my newest listings and flexible home tours whenever you’re ready.