If you have kids, it’s a no-brainer that going to a great school will enhance their educational opportunities. However, that’s not the only reason you should consider moving to a high-ranking school district. Safety, property values, and recreation also come into play. Paul Gunter is one of the best realtors in Bucks County, PA, and he can help you choose a home in Buckingham, Doylestown, or other great neighborhoods in Bucks County.

How School District Quality Affects Homeownership

If you want to maximize your equity, consider the neighborhood around your property. Living in a good school district has a positive impact on homeownership in several ways. That’s why so many potential buyers target homes near excellent schools.

Here are some reasons you’ll want to consider school district when buying a home:

  • Safety: Neighborhoods in solid school districts often have ample street lighting, well-kept sidewalks, and other amenities. They typically have lower crime rates.
  • Transportation: Ask around about the reputation of school bus drivers. You’ll want to ensure your children reach school safely and that the buses have the latest safety features, including seatbelts and mirrors to aid child supervision.
  • Amenities: Young families spend time on playgrounds and in parks, and excellent school districts have attractive amenities that enrich the lives of residents of all ages.
  • Property values: Shopping and dining opportunities along with a robust real estate market can greatly increase the resale value of properties in good school districts.

Learn more about some of the best places to go to school and buy property if you have school-age children.

Best School Districts in Bucks County

So, what are the top school districts in the county? According to Niche.com and other ranking sites, Central Bucks School District is the top school district in Bucks County.

Central Bucks School District (Doylestown, PA)

The Central Bucks School District has exceptional neighborhoods, such as Buckingham and Doylestown. The student-teacher ratio is small, and you can find a large property in an unpretentious neighborhood or opt for luxury living. There are 23 schools in the district and a total of 17,540 students. If you’re looking for a home for sale in Central Bucks School District, contact Paul Gunter! 

New Hope-Solebury School District (New Hope, PA)

The tiny New Hope-Solebury School District has four schools. Students receive a rigorous education under the supervision of supportive teachers. College-bound students will benefit from the district’s excellent reputation.

Council Rock School District (Newtown, PA)

There are 14 well-run schools in Council Rock School District. With over 10,000 students, it’s one of the largest districts in Bucks County. However, students report that they have plenty of help from involved teachers and there are many sports teams for new homeowners to cheer on.

Pennsbury School District (Fallsington, PA)

Students speak highly of Pennsbury School District’s strong academics and opportunities in trades and the military.

Want to know more about homes for sale other stellar districts in Bucks County? You can provide exceptional education for your children while enjoying all that Bucks County has to offer. If you would like more information on specific neighborhoods, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team of experienced Realtors.

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