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Each year, there are thousands and thousands of people who pack up their lives from one area and start to put down their roots a little further out in Philadelphia and look for houses for sale in the surrounding areas. But what does Telford, PA and the surrounding areas have to offer?

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Beautiful Homes For Sale in Telford, PA

The numbers say it all really. One big thing that these areas have over surrounding states is affordability. According to realtors, the median home sale price for a family home in Telford, PA and homes for sale in Souderton, was in the mid $100s at the end of last year. Meanwhile, the same prices across the country are well over $200,000. While these prices in Pennsylvania are much easier to deal with than those in some other major US cities, there are some unique aspects of buying in this area that anyone looking at houses for sale, especially for the first time, should think about.

Calculate Closing Costs Into Your Budget

If you have done your homework and started to budget for a home, then you might start to experience a little shock once things like city tax and real estate agents fees are calculated into it all. A lot of first-time buyers aren’t aware of these kinds of taxes and fees, which apply to the sale of transfer of houses for sale when in Philadelphia. In some cases, this kind of tax can add on around ten thousand dollars, or more, to the price of the sale. So it is something to bear in mind and consider. As a result, it can be why many people look for homes for sale a little further out in places like the zip code 18969, like Telford, PA. So think about all of the extra costs that come when you’re looking into houses for sale. Then you can get an accurate idea of what kind of homes for sale that you can afford.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood in Telford

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods, but there are plenty of different areas on the outskirts, to look for houses for sale. There are areas like Telford, PA, with the zip code 18969, as well as Chalfont homes for sale. But as different neighborhoods can all be a little different, asking your realtors to check out some real estate for sale in a bunch of different places can be a really good idea. Getting a feel for the community when you’re looking at homes for sale can be a big help to zero in on where you want your hunt for real estate for sale to take you. Take a walk to get to know the lay of the land at different times of the day, and choose local realtors that have local knowledge of the area. Alongside your realtors, talk to current residents. This kind of feedback can be vital in helping you decide if Telford, PA, is for you or not.

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Get to Know the Term Catchment

As you start to look at houses for sale with your realtors and real estate agents, the chances are that you will come across the term catchment. These are all about neighborhood lines in places like Telford, PA, and they are determined by school districts. If you have children or plan to later down the line, then it is something to let your realtors know as you look for real estate for sale and for homes for sale. It is an important thing to consider.

Older Homes

The state of Pennsylvania has a lot of history. In fact, the country’s founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia, so it does show that by US standards, the homes for sale in and around this area can be older. The median age of a home for sale in this area is 94 years old. To compare, most of the homes for sale across the country tend to be nearer to forty years younger. 

There is an upside to these kinds of houses for sale, which as any real estate agents in the area will tell you, it leaves you homes filled with some history and charm. The flip side is that you might need to do some repairs sooner rather than later, as everything is that little bit older. However, a good inspection with real estate agents and surveyors will help to identify any red flags. There are still some new areas to look at, though, if you’d rather have a property that is a little younger. 

About the Borough of Telford in Zip Code 18969

Telford, PA, offers many advantages. Real estate agents help ease the burden of relocating long distance. Ask us to supply information about the local community. We’ll also help you find excellent homes for sale!

Houses for Sale Near Recreational Areas

In addition to discovering beautiful homes for sale in Telford, you’ll discover many parks and open spaces here. Many reflect recent improvements and building upgrades. The Municipal Park on East Church Avenue offers a ballfield, a basketball court, and paved walking paths. Ask your realtors at RE/MAX to help you find houses for sale in Telford, PA, that offer access to recreational spaces and entertainment opportunities.

Real Estate for Sale in Telford, PA

Realtors assist customers in locating both homes for sale and rental properties in this community. Our realtors work hard to assist customers in learning about the local area. Make better informed decisions about buying real estate for sale with our help!

Your Real Estate Agents

We’d like to become your Pennsylvania realtors whenever you buy, sell, lease, or rent property. Our real estate agents offer valuable assistance to people relocating to this community. We’ll show you real estate for sale and introduce you to the Telford area.

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Have you considered hunting for homes for sale here? Go ahead and contact us now. Simply use the convenient website inquiry form. You may also reach us by calling 215-343-8226. If you share your requirements for your next home or investment property with us, we’ll contact you when we become aware of any properties that fit your specifications. We want to help you find solid real estate values in the Telford area as soon as possible.

Search the Best Homes for Sale in Telford, PA

Looking for a new home is an exciting and anxiety-inducing time. To help alleviate any fears, you should work with a Bucks Co Real Estate agent. At Bucks Co Real Estate, I perform most of the hard work to make your home-buying experience simple and easy. Here’s what you need to know about working with a local realtor in Telford, PA.

Why You’ll Love Working with a Local Realtor in Telford, PA

You may have mixed feelings about real estate agents. Considering that few agencies have the same priorities that I do, I understand. I stand second-to-none because of a few qualities that I offer. Those qualities include:

  • Expert local knowledge
  • Experience handling paperwork
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When you work with Bucks Co Real Estate to find homes for sale in the area, you’re never going to feel like you’re kept in the dark. While all agents often carry a few different clients at the same time, you’re always going to feel like a priority when you work with me.

My expert local knowledge is also beneficial. If you’re looking for homes for sale in the area, then I know what areas are best for your needs. If you want to be closer downtown, then I know what homes you need to look at. If you prefer to be closer to school, then I’ll know exactly what homes would fit your criteria.

My local knowledge cannot be compared.

Finally, because I know how difficult all of the paperwork involved in buying a home is, you can be assured that I will walk you through every step of it.

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If you’re ready to start your hunting adventure, then give me a call. You are going to love working with Bucks Co Real Estate.

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If you’re having a difficult time finding homes for sale in Telford, PA, that match your needs, then you could benefit from using an experienced realtor. At Bucks Co Real Estate, I work hard to put together homes for sale that match your needs. I understand how important your time is and want to ensure any homes you see are actual contenders.

Make Finding Homes in Telford, PA Easy

I work hard to find you the best homes in the area by understanding the key elements you need. Then I put together a list of houses that fall within those parameters and ensure that it’s within your budget. My local expertise makes this possible. I know each neighborhood within the area and what they offer.

I can also help negotiate the price of a house down further. This can make living there even more affordable.

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