Despite The COVID-19 Craziness, Right Now is a Good Time to Buy a New Home

With COVID-19 affecting every aspect of people’s lives, some may wonder why they would even consider buying a house at this time. However, as one of the best realtors in Montgomery County, PA and other surrounding areas, I am here to tell you that there are some notable benefits to consider if you want to buy a new home. Here are three key ones that stand out and show that buying a home during this pandemic might be a good idea.

Low Interest Rates

Due to COVID-19 circumstances, interest rates reached an all-time low. This means that the interest rates on loans will be lower than usual when you get a loan to pay for your new home. Ultimately, you will save money overall as you pay off the new home is you decide to purchase now.

Virtual Tours

There has been a large increase in the availability of 3D, virtual tours to compensate for the inability to physically tour houses amid the COVID-19 crisis. These virtual tours have surged in popularity, not only because they are a safe option right now, but also because it saves buyers the hassle of setting up multiple in person appointments and driving from location to location.

These virtual tours have opened the door to a much more convenient and fast paced purchasing experience. Buyers can easily narrow down their options virtually so they can set up in-person tours for the properties they already know they have serious interest in.

Moving During Warm Weather

Despite the pandemic, warm weather returns during the summertime, making it the ideal condition for moving. Keep in mind that cold weather will slow down moving trucks while making it more difficult to move your belongings into a new home. It could also snow and damage your belongings.

Even though warm weather brings heat, you can lower your worries when it comes to timelines and damages. This means that you should consider moving during the summer if you want to minimize obstacles for yourself during the moving process. So, despite COVID-19, the wonderful weather provides an ideal moving environment.


Even with the impact of COVID-19, people still need to find time to buy new houses and move as necessary. If you need to move to a new home, it is not a bad idea to consider doing so now. This will allow you to enjoy all of these benefits while giving you the opportunity to handle any moving that you need or want to do. If you are looking for the help of a Bucks County realtor, contact me today!