Selling a home can be an exciting time, but it’s important to start planning for the sale long before it happens. One of the most important things to consider is the upgrades made to the home. Certain home improvements will offer a nice return, and pay for themselves, while others can cost homeowners. These are the home improvements with the best return on investment. 

New Windows

Replacing outdated windows provides homeowners with multiple benefits. While living in the home, homeowners will enjoy lower heating and cooling bills thanks to the additional insulation. Homeowners will recoup the cost of the windows provided they are in good repair when the house is sold. 

Basement Remodel

Homeowners will enjoy an estimated return of over 90% when they take the time to complete a basement remodel. Waterproofing a basement is a great place to start, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners have to stop there. Hang drywall to create rooms throughout the basement for the best return on investment. 


Large landscaping projects offer a substantial return on investment. Most homeowners will appreciate an average return of slightly above 90%. The larger the landscaping project, the higher the return will be. 

Take a walk around the outside of the home to determine what home improvements can be made. A large deck is a wonderful idea. Make sure that there is ample room for seating and a grill. Including a jacuzzi on the deck for warm summer nights will also help a home sell faster. 

Other great landscaping improvements to consider include: 

  • An outdoor kitchen, complete with an eating area
  • A new pond
  • A privacy fence
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • A large, elaborate garden with a waterfall
  • Swimming pool

Not only will these ideas help a home sell faster and offer a larger return on investment, but they will also benefit homeowners that are still living in their homes. On average, people spend at least six hours weekly enjoying their outdoor amenities. This means that families will enjoy the benefits of being outside, such as getting more Vitamin D, and less screen time before they sell their homes. 

In Conclusion

Long gone are the days when the only home improvement homeowners completed was a basic kitchen remodel. The real estate market is booming and continues to offer homeowners large returns on certain investments like these. 
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