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5 Details That Make Your Listing Stand Out

5 Details That Make Your Listing Stand Out

In the real estate business, you don’t get a second opportunity to make a great first impression. This is why real estate agents spend a lot of time making their listings stand out to attract potential homebuyers. To ensure you make the best first impression to potential buyers,  here are five details to make your listing stand out.

1. Connect With A Real Estate Agent 

To ensure your property is listed effectively, you need to hire a professional real estate agent. In addition, you need someone who can take enticing, professional-grade pictures of your listing. Only a photographer with a trained eye can take the type of photos that will grab the attention of future homebuyers. Remember, you cannot have too many pictures! A minimum of twenty-four but not less than thirty-six photos is ideal.

2. Stage Your Home 

Don’t just take a bunch of empty room photographs. A potential homebuyer wants to see what the rooms look like when they are lived in. They want to see what potential each room of a home has. You can accomplish this by hiring an interior designer to decorate the home you’re listing on the market.

3. Know What Features You Want To Highlight

It is imperative to schedule a meeting with your photographer to cover how and when you want each room shot. Make a list of any specific features you want the photographer to focus on. An eye for creativity is nothing without knowledge of those areas you want to be highlighted in each picture.

4. Keep Each Shot Honest

Technology does wonders for photography, for example, using a lens with wide angles can give a small room more spaciousness. However, keep it real. You want your listing to accurately reflect what your home looks like. Too much technology can make pictures appear disingenuous. When your photos are honest, it creates a level of trust and credibility with future homebuyers.

5. Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter

A potential homebuyer viewing pictures of your house for sale doesn’t want to see a bunch of family photos and knickknacks. Get rid of these things in the pictures you have taken. Doing so allows a potential buyer to imagine what their things will look like in the home. Besides giving the room a more inviting, clean, and polished look.

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