If you are thinking of selling your home and have decided to sell it yourself, you may want to reconsider. You may be thinking that it will be easy, and you’ll get more money if you don’t have to pay a real estate broker’s commission. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you hire a real estate broker to list and sell your home, you will probably net more money. For this reason, selling “for sale by owner” may not always be the best option.

Real Estate Broker’s Knowledge and Expertise

Your local, experienced real estate broker has the knowledge and expertise to get you more money for your home than you can get yourself if you sell it for sale by owner. Real estate is their career. They do this for a living. They have accessibility to the sales and listing statistics for similar homes in your area. Your realtor in Yardley will prepare a comparative market analysis for you and advise you on a list price and what to expect as a sales price for your home. They know what features, updates and upgrades in a home can get you more money. They will offer you advice on making certain repairs, replacements and staging ideas before you list your home. They are trained and have strong negotiating skills.

Access to the Multiple Listing Service

If you hire a real estate brokerage that is a member of the local multiple listing service, also called the MLS, thousands of other local real estate brokers will have access to it. They will be able to make appointments to show your home. You may even get so much interest that you receive multiple offers which will put you in a great negotiating position.

Popular Real Estate Website Presence

If you list your home with a real estate brokerage and it’s in the MLS, your listing will automatically be uploaded onto many popular real estate websites. Real estate brokers will also put your listing on their websites which will help with exposure.

Saves You Time and Stress

Hiring a real estate broker will undoubtedly save you time and stress. You can begin packing and focusing on the next chapter of your life.

It’s your real estate broker’s job to get you the highest price for your home in the least amount of time and with the least amount of stress. They have skills and resources to get you more money for your home. It’s worth hiring a professional.