Buying a foreclosed home may seem like a good idea at first. It’s cheap, and it can be an excellent return on investment. But before you get too excited, there are some things to consider. If you are looking for homes for sale in Hilltown, PA, or Bucks County, PA, this blog post is for you. It will discuss why someone might want to purchase foreclosed property and how as your local realtor, I can help with the process while including valuable tips for buying in general that every buyer should know!

1. If You’re Buying It at Auction

The first thing that anybody should know about foreclosed homes is that they can vary in quality. Depending on how long the property has been left by its original owner, you might be looking at a house that needs extensive renovations. This is especially true for properties that have been vacant for a long time – there’s no telling what kind of condition homes are left from foreclosure

2. The House Is Cheaper Than Other Options on the Market

When you purchase foreclosed property through the sheriff’s sale, typically 20-30% cheaper than other homes on the market, keep in mind that bank-owned homes are often sold as-is, so there may be some issues that have yet to be addressed. In addition, purchasing a foreclosed home will take longer because sometimes it takes months before the property is up for sale.

3. Different Investors Want To Purchase Foreclosed Homes in Bulk

These investors turn foreclosed properties into rental homes or fix them up and sell them for profit. These types of investors are not looking for individual houses to live in themselves, so they’re probably better suited for people who already have real estate experience. If you’re unsure which type of investor your local realtor represents, you can ask them directly.

4. There Will Be More People Looking to Buy Than There Are Homes for Sale

Because there are so many people looking for homes, you might have to respond to a bidding war if you find one that’s on the market. Keep in mind that this also means that your dream home might not be attainable at the moment, and it may take some time before it finally goes up for sale.

5. They Make A Great Investment

Sure, some properties look like they’ve fallen into complete disrepair and might require extensive work right after purchase. Still, over time these homes can increase in value if done correctly. By fixing up this type of property yourself instead of hiring somebody else; you can increase the value of your home even more because it’s one-of-a-kind. This is an excellent option for first-time buyers who are looking to gain some experience.


So, if you’re looking for foreclosed homes, keep these tips in mind. It will be essential to do your research before finally signing any papers. For help finding a foreclosed property or houses for sale in general, contact an experienced realtor today. Are you looking for a realtor in Perkasie or Bucks County who will help you throughout the home buying process? Contact me today for professional assistance.