Living in an HOA is a controversial topic. Many homeowners do not see the benefits of being part of an HOA and the good it can bring to your property. If you are interested in houses for sale in Warrington, PA, or other Bucks County towns and are wondering about the value of an HOA community, consider the following benefits: 

High Property Values

If you have purchased a home, it is fair that you want to make sure that it retains and increases its value over time. You can take care of your own property and make sure that it is in a good condition. However, you cannot do the same for the entire neighborhood. The deeper care for the neighborhood and homes is one of the main tasks of the HOA. Since the HOA is community-oriented, it takes care of the common areas in the neighborhood and the things like landscape maintenance, common area lighting, snow removal, trash removal, community-wide irrigation, and others. Therefore, if you live in an HOA community, you can enjoy well kept lawns, clean parks, pleasant playgrounds, and more.

Safer Community

Another responsibility of the HOA is to establish certain rules for the neighborhood. These rules help keep neighborhoods safe and make them a better place to live. HOAs also make sure that residents of the neighborhood do not confront each other and resolve any altercations peacefully. Other safety measures include maintaining physical barriers of the neighborhood, including walls and gates. HOAs really demonstrate deeper care for neighborhoods, homes, and their residents.

Community Bonding & Engagement 

A HOA often hosts various social events for residents, including block parties, holiday festivals, and welcome parties for new residents. These events help increase resident engagement and encourage residents to get to know each other better. HOAs foster a sense of community, which makes the life in an HOA more enjoyable for many people.

Find An HOA Community Near You

If you are ready to move to a new construction in Bucks County, PA that is part of a HOA, contact Paul Gunter! He will help you discover the best homes for sale in Bucks County, PA and other nearby communities. Contact Paul Gunter  today!