Is your Pennsylvania home currently on the market? First impressions are crucial in real estate, which is why property owners find that staging their homes is worth the expense.

According to the National Association of Realtors, staging increased the offered amount by as much as 15%. At the same time, staging a home decreases its time on the market by as much as 50%. Simply put, staging lets you sell your home faster and at a better price.

Simple Ways To Stage Your Home

1. First Impressions

Make your house stand out with an impressive view from the outside. The yard and your front door should both be thoroughly cleaned up to create an inviting space. Some easy things you can do is remove seasonal decorations and, if possible, repaint the door with a neutral color. Adding a simple welcome mat and a few thriving plants should complete the look.

If necessary, try scrubbing off or renting a power washer to remove any dirt or moss growth on your front porch. For the yard, clear up the area and place some shrubs or other plants in any empty beds, including window boxes. Repaint the fencing and clearing the pathway leading to the front door is also a great idea. 

2. Stick to Neutral

Painting the interior of your home with neutral colors is the best and safest way to stage a room. The neutrals create the illusion of space and light which makes any area more appealing. Those shades also make it very easy for prospective buyers to see themselves in the space and imagine how it would look if they decide to live there. If you’re a fan of bold colors, it’s also OK to put in one or two items that will add dimension to the room. However, keep it limited, so you don’t overpower the neutral colors.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of home staging. Most people want the luxury of space in their homes, and clutter takes up that valuable space. When staging, you want to remove all the personal items in the room. Keep the décor generic and essential. For example, you can remove seasonal shoes and winter coats from the room and store them somewhere safe. Small items like toys and figurines can also create the illusion of clutter. As a rule, anything smaller than a melon that’s not necessary should be hidden away.

Staging your home to boost appeal is just the first step in successfully selling in the current market. To get the best offers, finding a good realtor in Chalfont, PA, and surrounding areas should also be a primary concern. This will help expand your exposure to potential buyers and help you with the technical aspect of closing the sale.

Get Help for Your Property Sale!

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