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Perks Of Bucks County That Locals Love

Perks Of Bucks County That Locals Love

If you are looking for a new place to live, Bucks County, PA is a great option. This county is the home of more than 600,000 people and is located just north of Philadelphia. For those who are looking for a new area to call home, Bucks County offers a variety of perks and amenities that can make it a great option.

Great Local Dining & Shopping

One of the reasons why people love coming to Bucks County is that there is always something to do. Throughout the various communities, there are some top dining and shopping districts including the Oxford Valley Mall, Doylestown Borough, and the local Peddler’s Village, which has many local craft shops and dining options to enjoy. No matter what you are in the mood for, you will be able to find it in Bucks County.

Rich History and Natural Beauty

While Bucks County today has many modern amenities that residents are looking for, it also has a rich history and natural beauty. Some of the most significant sites in the county, which date back to the colonial era, are Pennsbury Manor, the Loux Covered Bridge, and Fonthill Castle. There are also many tours that you can take that will help you appreciate the history of the community even more. For nature lovers, there are also plenty of great hills, hiking areas, rivers, lakes, and other places to enjoy time outside in the nice weather.

Proximity to Major City

Another reason to consider living in the Bucks County area is that you will have close access to Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia is one of the most populated in the country. This opens up many professional opportunities, access to higher education, and entertainment options including local festivals, professional sports, and plenty of great music venues. There is also a major airport and several large train stations that can help you connect to any other place in the world that you want to go.

Wide Range of Community Events

It can also be a good idea to come to Bucks County to enjoy all of the community events. The city hosts a wide range of events throughout the year including the annual Newtown Irish Festival, Pride Parade, Washington Crossing Brewfest, 4th of July festivals, and many more attractions. Particularly during the warmer months of the year, there is always something going on that you can enjoy.

Great Schools

Another advantage of living in the Bucks County area is that you will have access to some of the top schools in the state. Bucks County public schools are frequently rated as some of the best due to a variety of factors. When you are looking for homes for sale in Central Bucks School District, you will find there are a variety of great options that are within a short walk of the top-rated schools. Local real estate agents will provide you with the support you need to find available homes for sale and compare your options.

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When you are looking for a new place to call home, Bucks County, PA can be an ideal option to consider. Many local amenities make it a great place to live. If you are interested in calling Bucks County home, contact me today. As one of the top Bucks County real estate agents, I offer a wide range of services and listings that can help ensure you find a home that you love.

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