Bucks County may surprise you! Founded by William Penn, the historic location has been part of pivotal battles and artistic movements alike. Like many areas in Pennsylvania, the county has been steadily growing in popularity. With numerous activities and top school districts, it’s no wonder more people are deciding to buy houses and move to Bucks County.

1. Family Friendly

Families love Bucks County because there are so many places for entertainment. A simple day out can lead to a trip to the theme park Sesame Place or a carousel ride at the Giggleberry Fair. The seasonal events also add to the flair. You can enjoy the multiple Holiday Light Shows offered throughout the county or visit one of the many beautiful museums.

2. Haven for Outdoor Lovers

Evident in its many parks, Bucks County naturally displays the history that’s made it what it is today. People can visit the Washington Crossing Park, where Washington crossed the Delaware River. You can camp in one of the many scenic locations or even spend time by the waters of the Delaware River. Plus, you will love being closer to the open fields and the extensive views.

3. Packed With Educational Options

Bucks County is the home of many educational establishments, with 15 public school districts, 8 private schools, and 5 colleges. Among these is the Pennridge School District which includes numerous townships like Perkasie and Bedminster. You can find homes for sale in Pennridge School and have access to some of the best education in the country.

4. Small Town Charm

Many locations in Bucks County retain the charm of small towns without being disconnected from big cities. You can easily visit nearby areas like Philadelphia without needing a house in a major city. Take a stroll around New Hope and discover the various shops and cultural attractions. Future homeowners are moving closer to what the charming New Hope, PA properties have to offer.

5. Rich Historical Landmarks 

Bucks County is home to many memorable locations. Its love for preserving historical places means there’s always something unique to experience there. Did you know it is the home of four castles? You can visit Fonthill Castle or Mercer Museum, learn more about Henry Mercer. Apart from these, you’ll often find old buildings that may have once housed big names in the history of America.

Looking for a Home in Bucks County?

Bucks County is a place of history, culture, and charm. There are so many things to do and enjoy here, making it appealing for anyone looking for homes outside of the big cities. Even then, its accessibility to a few makes it a very enticing location to settle down.

If you’re looking for a home, let me connect you to the uniqueness of Bucks County. Contact me today and begin finding the house that best suits your needs!