Home to a rich history and lush landscapes, Bucks County, PA, is one of the most charming and quaint destinations in Southeastern Pennsylvania. It’s no wonder more people are trading the stressful environment of city life for a more relaxing quality of life in their new houses in Bucks County.

Before making the move, one important thing is to research the County’s property taxes.

Understanding the Determining Factors

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept, property taxes are obtained through real estate and other types of property. When moving to Bucks County, a tax evaluator will assess your property and offer a fair tax rate. It’s usually determined by multiplying the land’s value by the property tax rate. 

Property taxes are used to help fund local services like construction, schools, fire departments, and police departments. Factors that affect the amount of property tax taken vary from one township to another like:

Property Value

The value depends on where your property is located and how big it is. In some cases, tax evaluators will look into your land’s current market value to determine its worth. In others, they may look at it from a comprehensive standpoint by comparing its current market value with its value five to 10 years prior.


For some municipalities, the local government can charge a certain percentage for your taxes. If the evaluator imposes a 5% tax on your real estate, you will need to pay approximately $5 per $1,000 of the value of your property.

Millage Rate

Alternatively, if the evaluator deems it necessary, they can use a millage rate instead of a percentage to charge your taxes. These are the amount of tax payable for every dollar of your property’s value.

Comparing Bucks County With Other Counties

When planning to live in Bucks County, expect to pay around $4,000 every year on property taxes. This constitutes around 1.27% of your home value and approximately 4.68% of the average annual income.

Compared to other counties, Bucks County ranks with the 109th highest property tax rate out of over 3,000 counties. Within the state of Pennsylvania, Chester County collects the highest property taxes, amounting to an average of $4,192 per year, and Forest County is the lowest with $890 annually.

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